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Apex Clinical Solutions is a leading biotech firm focused on the discovery and development of antibodies for a range of therapeutic applications. Their team of experienced scientists and professionals use cutting-edge technologies to design and optimise novel antibodies with high specificity and affinity. They collaborate with industry partners, academic institutions, and research organisations to advance the field of antibody engineering and bring innovative therapies to patients.
The mission for creating this website was to establish a strong online presence for the company, showcasing its expertise in antibody discovery and development, and to provide a platform to communicate upcoming events, news, and resources related to the field. Additionally, the website aimed to attract potential clients and investors, and to create a user-friendly experience for visitors.
The mission
The existing website had an outdated design that didn't align with current design trends or the company's brand image. It lacked visual appeal and failed to make a positive impression on visitors.
Outdated Design
The previous website had usability issues, such as complex navigation, unclear information hierarchy, or confusing user flows. Visitors found it difficult to navigate the site and locate the desired information, resulting in a frustrating user experience.
Poor User Experience
The content on the previous website was poorly organised, making it hard for visitors to find relevant information. The website lacked a clear structure and logical grouping of content, leading to a disorienting user experience.
Ineffective Information Architecture
The existing website was not optimised for mobile devices, resulting in a poor experience for users accessing the site on smartphones or tablets. It lacked responsiveness and failed to adapt to different screen sizes, impacting the overall user experience.
Lack of Mobile Responsiveness
The previous website lacked a consistent branding strategy, with inconsistencies in colour schemes, typography, and visual elements. This undermined the company's brand identity and made it difficult to establish a cohesive and memorable online presence.
Inconsistent Branding
My role
As a UI/UX designer, my role in creating the website was to conceptualise and design the user interface, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing experience for website visitors. I was responsible for understanding the target audience, conducting user research, creating wireframes and prototypes, designing the visual elements, and collaborating with developers to bring the website to life. My expertise in user-centred design and my eye for aesthetics contributed to the overall success of the website project.
  • Gathered requirements from the client to understand their goals and needs for the website
  • Conducted thorough research to understand the target audience and their expectations.
  • Creating wireframes and prototypes to visualize the website's layout, information architecture, and user flows. This helped in establishing the overall structure and navigation of the website.
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams, including developers and content creators, to ensure the successful implementation of the design. This involved effective communication, incorporating feedback, and aligning the design with technical requirements.
  • Developing the visual elements of the website, including colour schemes, typography, icons, and imagery. This involved creating a visually appealing and cohesive design that aligns with the brand identity and enhances the user experience.
  • Ensuring the website is optimized for different devices and screen sizes, utilizing responsive design principles to provide a consistent and user-friendly experience across platforms.
My key responsibilities
1 . Audience
2 . sitemap and userflow
3. Wireframes and wireflows
A modern and visually appealing design was created to align with current design trends and reflect the company's brand image. This involved updating the layout, typography, colour palette, and imagery to create a more visually engaging and professional website.
Redesigning the User Interface
User experience best practices were employed to address the usability issues. This included simplifying the navigation structure, improving information hierarchy, and optimising user flows. User testing and feedback were incorporated to ensure an intuitive and seamless browsing experience.
Improving User Experience
The website's content was reorganised and structured in a more logical and user-friendly manner. This involved conducting a thorough content audit, grouping related information together, and implementing clear navigation menus and search functionality to help visitors find the desired information easily.
Restructuring Information Architecture
The website was made responsive to provide a consistent and optimal experience across various devices. It was carefully designed and developed to adapt to different screen sizes, ensuring that users on mobile devices could access and interact with the website effectively.
Implementing Responsive Design
A cohesive branding strategy was implemented, aligning the website's design elements, colour schemes, typography, and imagery with the company's brand guidelines. This helped to create a unified and recognisable brand identity, enhancing brand perception and user trust.
Establishing Consistent Branding
Concluding thoughts
Reflecting on my role as a UI/UX designer for this project, I am fulfilled by the outcome. Overcoming challenges such as outdated design, poor user experience, ineffective information architecture, lack of mobile responsiveness, and inconsistent branding, I successfully transformed the website into a visually captivating, intuitive, and cohesive platform. Collaborating with the development team and incorporating user feedback allowed me to create a website that exceeds expectations and contributes to the company's success. It has been a rewarding and enriching experience, and I am excited to witness the positive impact of our solutions.
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